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Export Notice

Encryption source code posted on this web site is eligible for export as specified by Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), of the U.S. Department of Commerce at 15 CFR Part 740.13 (e) (5). The source code is considered publicly available and is free of charge (15 CFR Part 734.3 (b) (3)).

Any source code derived from this web site that is made publicly available for download on the Internet would be subject to notification and review requirements of the BIS to export.

Any derived encryption product incorporating the encryption source code from this web site is considered a new product and is subject to notification and review requirements of the BIS.

Commercial encryption products that incorporate source code are eligible for export under the appropriate provisions of Export Administration Regulations (EAR), depending on the key length and the type of product, regardless of the source of the underlying encryption.

Users are urged to consult the Export Administration Regulations, the Bureau of Industry and Security, and other appropriate sources before exporting any encryption products. Users are responsible for compliance with U.S. and international laws.

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The libsrtp distribution can be downloaded from this website. See the news page for a description of each release. 


Last updated July 9, 2006.